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Exciton condensation breaks new temperature record

Researchers observe exotic state at 100 K, a result that bodes well for coherent optoelectronics applications and perhaps even high-temperature superconductivity

High-pressure experiments reveal graphene’s 3D nature

The carbon sheet can no longer be considered as a purely 2D material as far as certain mechanical properties are concerned say researchers

Surfactant monolayers help make polymer crystals

SMAIS technique produces synthetic covalent organic 2D polymer sheets with the largest crystalline domain sizes ever

3D knots appear in liquid crystals

Researchers have succeeded in creating the first analogues of Kelvin’s “vortex atoms” in chiral materials

Time reversal symmetry breaks in ferromagnetic Weyl semimetals

Results from precise band structure measurements are an important step forward in the quest for materials in which magnetism and topology could be exploited for future technology applications

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